How To Upgrade On iCharity Nigeria


How to Upgrade On iCharity Network is easy, all you need to do is for example. Since you are a registered member already as soon as you have 3-4 Downliner pay you and you have confirmed your profit. Upgrade immediately. Its part of the instructions listed on our welcome page.

    • To Upgrade, Simply login to your iCharity Account.capture


    • Click on the Upgrade Button below.  capture


    • A new page would load showing you the details of your upliner.  capture


    • Then if you scroll to be bottom of the page, you see the details of your upline. Remember if your assigned upline doesn’t qualify for this donation, please immediately contact your upline or a senior member, so as to know the next step  capture


    • If your upliner has upgraded. Simply make payment to his/her account, then fill the details shown in the image below and click on the submit buttoncapture


  • Contact your upliner, to approve your donation. Then your upgrade process is complete.

NOTE: $1 = ₦370

NOTE: As soon as you get the required amount of downlines, please upgrade immediately.

  • GRADE 5 – 1000 DOWNLINES


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i love your platform


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iCharity Club Nigeria is a member-to-member donation campaign where your donation to become a member of iCharity Nigeria grants you access to our membership site and you begin to earn money with just a ₦7,400 investment. Now With the ₦7,400 investment you join our club, you will be able to earn money with the power of your investment. You earn money while in different grades of the club. There are 10 Grades, Where At Grade One you will be able to earn ₦37,000 and it continues to grow as you upgrade to a higher level; At grade 3 you earn over ₦3 Million. You can contact our support staff if you have any questions, but also keep close relation with your upliner if you need immediate answers to some questions. Call/Whatsapp 07038092713
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