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We are proud to introduce the best networking platform you can ever come across. By far better than anything you have ever had about and will definitely bring in more profits than you expect. Our Networking platform is called “iCharity Nigeria”

Our Private iCharity Nigeria Club is a simple worldwide member to member donations platform that acts as a conduit for people to donate to each other how ever they want to. It has ten levels called “grades” that you can donate to but in this example. I will make you understand how it works from being a Free Member to Grade 4.


Free Member
As soon as you sign up on the website, you become a free member. But Free member accounts don’t last, this account get deleted automatically from the server in 3 days. So in other to even begin earning money. You will need to upgrade your account (which would cost ₦7,400)  to Grade 1 to become a member of iCharity.






Grade 1 Member
Here, you are no longer a free member and you’re on your way to make your first profit from iCharity Club. So if you recall, you paid ₦7,400 to join iCharity Network and you were upgraded to grade 1. You can tell people about iCharity Nigeria and they sign up under you. First and foremost. Each person on the iCharity Network has to have only 5 people below them called downlines. Now, each time a user registers under you, because you promoted a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any website at all you get paid ₦7,400 each. So the first time your 5 people registers under you, you get paid a total of ₦37,000. So you have made your capital, profit and money for next upgrade at one go. Now your next step is to move to grade 2.

So In Summary
You Have 5 People In Your Pyramid
Pay $20 = ₦7,400
Receive $100 = ₦37,000



Grade 2 Member

In grade 2, First to upgrade from Grade 1 to Grade 2, you need to pay ₦14,800. Then you don’t have to work much again. But the truth is that if you want to make your money quickly you can keep pushing your link to get more members. But now, each time you register a new user, your direct downline will get paid ₦7,400. Then when their downlines wish to upgrade to grade 2. You will get paid ₦14,800 for each of the 25 people under the 5 Direct lines you have.

So alot of people usually register their friends and close family members as their direct downline so they can benefit if you push your promotion further. So if You were on top and lets say. Your two (2 Parents and 3 Friends) were right below you). They get paid for the promotion you are doing and they pay you to upgrade their account to grade 2 for doing nothing. So everyone earns, so if you don’t plan to work too much. Just get a good marketer as a direct upliner and as he does all the work you get paid. But as mentioned earlier you can make quick profit if you promote your iChairty link. A member has actually gotten to Grade 3 in one day.

So In Summary
You Have 25 People In Your Pyramid
Amount Spent: $40 = ₦14,800
Amount Received: $1000 = ₦370,000




Grade 3 Member

In Grade 3, You have a total of 125 under the 25 people who are under your 5 Direct Downline. Now all of them will pay for an upgrade. Which will bring your income to a total of ₦3,700,000. Remember you have to upgrade to grade 3 to receive this.

A member actually archived this with this marketing strategy. She took the story to her church telling them how they can make money for themselves in this tough times and with blessings from her pastors She registered 141 people with her laptop in church that day. Now everybody in below her which included the pastor registered and were her direct downline. Now with the registration of 141 new members. Her direct downlines all made profit immediately. Even the pastor gave his testimony next Sunday and she has already moved from Grade 1 to Grade 3 Immediately getting more members every Sunday, because the news went viral.

So In Summary
You Have 125 People In Your Pyramid
Amount Spent: $80 = ₦29,600
Amount Received: $10,000 = ₦3,700,000




Grade 4 Member

Usually from here you don’t need to work much again, if you have built a strong network of people willing to push the iCharity Programme with its benfits to more people. You start reaping more income. You earn a total of ₦27 Million while it will cost you ₦44,400 for an upgrade. In other networks, you won’t get here until Tier 7-8 with less benefits.

So In Summary
You Have 625 People In Your Pyramid
Amount Spent: $120 = ₦44,400
Amount Received: $75,000 = ₦27,000,000



Grade 5 Member

Here you earn a total of ₦231,250,000 when the 3125 People are completing their pyramids, this is one of the reasons iCharity is one of the best networks, you can manage it with other jobs and still make more income here almost doing nothing.

So In Summary
You Have 3125 People In Your Pyramid
Amount Spent: $200 = ₦74,000
Amount Received: $625,000 = ₦231,250,000
And that’s how it continues until you get to Level 10. Nobody has gotten to yet. Can you? Most members are already reaping benefits to being in Grade 3-5.


NOTE: At Grade 5 You can receive money from Grade 1, 2, 3,4.  So no need to be afraid you will miss out of some money when you upgrade, you still receive money cause the system in place makes sure everyone makes his correct income.


Join iCharity Nigeria




Frequently Asked Questions At iCharity Nigeria Club 

Can I Join this program?
Yes, you can from where ever you are anywhere in the world. Currently iCharity Club integrated USD, MYR, SGD, IND, IDR and BTC (Bitcoin) as main currency. If you can accept this currency than you are good to go.

Do I need to own a website to join?
No. You will receive your own replica site for promotional purpose. (referral link).
You can use all marketing material that is being shared by other members and add your own ads/marketing material.

I Don’t Know How To Promote?

You might not have the best of marketing skills, but not only is this Program me easy to push and make good income from too. We provide you with tools that can be used in promotion. You also get an invite to our private WhatsApp Group to talk to our marketing team of tactics. As you can see we included an example of a marketing exploit shared in the group also in this tutorial. Also if you are sure you can’t work at all. You just make sure you have a hard working upliner, you will definitely still make profit just by having that, as it’s a system that makes sure everyone enjoys it.



The Program & System

How many downline can I refer?
After you Upgraded to Grade 1, you can refer 5 direct downlines. All extra referrals will be auto-place under your direct downlines until its full. It is called Spillover.

Can I have unlimited downlines / income?
Yes. You can deactivate the Spillover function. Once deactivated, all of your future referral will be your direct downlines. When you get to grade 5

Can Free member earn any donation?
No. A member need to donate first before receiving donation.

What is the different between Grade?
At Grade 1, you can receive donations from your downline Level 1. At Grade 2, you can receive donations from your downline Level 1 & Level 2 and so on. The higher your grade, the more levels you can earn.

What is the highest Grade I can Upgrade to?
The highest is Grade 10. At this Grade you can receive donations from your downline at Level 1 until 10.

What is Upgrade donation?
Upgrade donation is the donation you made to your upline.
For example you are at Grade 1 and want to Upgrade to Grade 2. You will make donation to your Upline Level 2.

Can I Upgrade to higher Grade if my Upline at the same or lower Grade?
Yes. You can surpass your Upline.

Wil I receive donation from my downline that surpass my Grade?
No. You need to be at higher Grade so it is encouraged for you to Upgrade first before your downline reach the same Grade as yours.




Can Free member refer new member?
No. Free member’s referral link won’t work until it is upgraded to at least Grade 1.

Do I need to provide real email address?
Yes. All notifications, reminder and account recovery need a valid email address. You need a valid email address to update your profile. If you registered with fake/wrong email address, the account is not accessible and will expire.

Do I need to provide real phone number?
Yes. Downlines feel more confident if they can contact you to ask about the program etc.

I did not receive any email from iCharity Club after registration.
It could be it your Spam/Junk box. And it is also possible the email address is not valid.

Why Free account has expiry?
Every member has 5 slots for direct downlines. There will be some people that will just register a Free account and not interested in joining the program. His/her account will occupy 1 of the upline’s slots. System will automatically remove the Free account so that the slot can be occupy with somebody else who interested.

What happen after a Free account expired?
The account will be completely remove from iCharity Club. The user can no longer login except by registering new account.

What is Upgrade?
Upgrade is a term we used in the system for Upgrading your account Grade from Free, to Grade 1, Grade 2 and so on. During Upgrade process, system will show you which Upline you need to make donation to.

How do I Upgrade?
After Login into Member’s Panel, please look for Upgrade button and follow the steps.

Why I need to Upgrade?
Upgrade is a process where you make donation to your upline. So after Upgrade, you can start receiving donation from your downline.

Is there any maintenance fee?


Bank & Payment Account

Why do I need to provide bank account?
Your downline will make donation directly to your bank account.

How many bank accounts can I enter?
Every member can add up to 5 bank accounts.

Can I use same bank account for multiple membership account?
Yes. If you have more than 1 iCharity Club account or you help to manage your friend/family account, you can use same bank account and account number for all of iCharity Club membership account.

Can I edit, add, remove bank account?
Yes you can do so at anytime. But please make sure you have at least 1 bank account entered.



Spillover Function

What is Spillover function?
Spillover function will help to put your extra referral below your downlines. If your direct downline already full at 5, all future downlines will be put under your direct downlines.

Can I choose not to use Spillover function?
Yes. You can deactivate it from Spillover setting page. Grade 5 is required.


Tip: After you make a donation, be sure you enter your payment transaction ID# in your dashboard under donations so that it can be verified by your sponsor, they cannot see or verify the donation until you do this step. Once you enter the donation transaction ID and upload a screen shot of the transaction, the donation will become visible to your sponsor and they will activate you on grade one. This also sends a notice to their cell phone via the Telegram app so that they can verify yo right away. Be sure to download this free app from iTunes on your phone and enter the code on your dashboard. There is a video there with instructions.



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You guys are too much, i have made 3 sign up already made my profit and capital already. thank you very much


thank you, you have helped me


your club is the best, and safer than MMM nigeria. Too mush


They are a different company, we don’t do the same thing. But thanks anyways. 🙂


Please email me this article, let me read it later.


Yes. October 3rd




What if I am not able to refer anyone at all, what will happen to my donation??


You donation makes you a grade 1 member


Please explain more on this, am too lazy to refer people, can I still make money without referring but willing to upgrade if the opportunity comes.thanks.

October 9, 2016 10:25 am

The Advertising team can help you get downlines


Please send this article to my mail box.



chukwudi onyema
September 22, 2016 9:56 am

thanks very much guys i just received my grade one money, upgrading to grade 2.


Hehehe…. Remember to tell your friends about us. Glad to see you are making money too


this looks too legit, please how to i register?


Click on the become a member banner 🙂 and follow the procedures


i have earned 370k from icharitynigeria, it doesnt require much from you,


someone referred me , now i’m earning from it , i’m in grade 3 now, still earning grade 2 money thou


this platform is making more sense mehn, all i have to do is invest as little as 7400 to gain that much?


Yeah, and ₦7400 is the only capital you bring, since you begin to start working with your profits


Where do I pay to. Pls email me. Love to join


You need to sign up. Click on Become a member? You will see your upliner


If one of my down line who has completed stage 1 refuses to migrate to stage 2, will he be deleted or replaced or what?

October 6, 2016 9:21 am

He/She will stop earning, and loose money. Not you.

Ebele paschal
October 8, 2016 8:16 am

I dont use skrill nor bitcoin nor payza nor paypal nor netteller pls assist me on what to do and pple who dey brought forward to me to make this payment use all this stuff.pls assist me my time is counting i dont want to be blocked

October 9, 2016 10:27 am

please contact customer care to help you


After my 7400 donation, how long does it take to get paid the i getting paid from 5 referals? won’t my downlinners feel weird to pay into my accounts…need more clarity

October 9, 2016 10:27 am

Its strictly member to member donation, so nothing to feel weird about


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