Invest ₦7,400 And Make ₦37,000 With iCharity Nigeria



This opportunity is only for those who seriously wish to make money on the internet, with iCharity Nigeria Club membership you keep on smiling to the bank for a very long time. If You Choose to join, the earlier you join the better. You Get To Be A Member and start earning money in four weeks or less. Your Money shouldn’t be in the bank doing nothing, your only investment is ₦7,400 and you can use just this to begin making a good income every month better than someone going to the office everyday, just by being a member of iCharity Nigeria

iCharity Club Nigeria is a member to member donation campaign where your donation to this grants you access to our membership site and you begin to earn money with just a ₦7,400 investment. Now With the ₦7,400 investment you join our club, where you will be able to earn money with the power of your investment. You earn money while in different grades of the club. There are 10 Grades, Where At Grade One you will be able to earn ₦37,000 and it continues to grow as you upgrade, At grade 3, you earn over ₦3 Million.

As Soon as You Get To Grade 3, You Will Get Consultation on how you will be able to increase your network and net-worth. So You Too Can Become A Millionaires like your friends in different networking companies, this is not a scam, no hidden payments here, everything is out and you are sure to start making money in your first month. Many Nigerians are already using this method to earn monthly and even earn more money than they do in their office, earning ₦400,000+ each month.


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  1. You Join Our Member Group and communicate with other users
  2. 24/7 Consultation On How To Earn More With iCharity
  3. You start making money in four weeks, no delay.



Moses Augustine Onoja 08064353029


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thank you, i am in grade 2 already even my friends are under me


Downliner of the Week Janeth right?


anyways congratulations, love hearing success stories


thank you chigozie for all your support. you are a nice person


how can i register to be a member of your platform


Can one have multiple accounts? like how can one register his family


I am happy at iCharity. Proud Grade 3 Member. Mr. Alex


I’m not a member yet, but I want to join your whatsap group. This is my number 08034077020


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